Stepping into the forest one is surrounded by a smorgasbord of colours, forms, smells and textures. And if one hunts enough, you find exceptional spots, where elements of plant, rock, earth and water come together in dramatic fashion – individual actors coming together to play the sum of their parts into prodigious stories. These players may have already taken their bows many years earlier, but the power of their performances with their peers still echo through the woods. One clashes with another, the vanquished split and rotting under its conqueror, who may be in turn upstaged by another.

What intrigues me about the natural world is the continual dichotomy between the brutal reality of survival, and the visual beauty of perfect design. I am dedicated to bring these two forces together in my work. And through it all, to provide a vessel for viewers to discover greater insights into the joy of seeing.



Latest Work

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